6th the Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 10th MedViz Conference

Best Paper Committee

In order to have a fair and open selection process, an independent Best Paper Award (BPA) Selection Committee was formed to review the nominated candidate papers and vote to select the BPA winners based on the paper scientific novelty, its impact to community, and quality of the presentation.

The BPA Selection Committee was composed of 3 researchers:

Hans-Christian Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany),
Anja Hennemuth (Fraunhofer MEVIS, Germany),
Joes Roerdink (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

Best Paper Award Winner

Monte-Carlo Ray-Tracing for Realistic Interactive Ultrasound Simulation
Oliver Mattausch and Orcun Goksel

Honorable Mentions

How to Evaluate Medical Visualizations on the Example of 3D Aneurysm Surfaces
Sylvia Glaßer, Patrick Saalfeld, Philipp Berg,Nico Merten, and Bernhard Preim

Chameleon - Dynamic Color Mapping for Multi-Scale Structural Biology Models
Nicholas Waldin, Mathieu Le Muzic, Manuela Waldner, Eduard Gröller, David Goodsell, Autin Ludovic, and Ivan Viola¨

Best Posters

There were three poster winners -- one in each category: medical, technical and preclinical.

The winners were:

1: clinical
Comparing secretin stimulated ultrasonography and MRI in cystic fibrosis patients and healthy controls
Trond Engjom

2: technical
Real time Image based stabilization for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
William Haugland

3: preclinical
Focused ultrasound-mediated transport of poly (alkyl cyanoacrylate)nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier in a melanoma brain metastasis model 
Habib Baghirov

Committee for best papers: Ingfrid Haldorsen, Spiros Kotopoulis, Ragnar Nortvedt, Veronika Šoltészová